Quantum External Time Reference Interface

GPS 100 00


The GPS 100 External Time Reference Interface card is designed to synchronize multiple SER cards to an external time reference such as an IRIG-B time code signal or a GPS receiver. 

The GPS 100 operates as an I/O card for a Modicon Quantum PLC. When used with a GPS receiver both the time and position information are available to the Quantum CPU. The GPS 100 can also be used to synchronize the PLC time of day clock. 

The IRIG-B input is designed to work with a modulated IRIG-B time code signal. The 1KHz amplitude modulated signal is connected to the GPS 100 card through a coaxial cable connector. The module presents a high impedance load to the IRIG-B signal so that it can be looped between multiple devices.



IRIG-B Input: Modulated 1KHz Carrier, 100mV P-P to 10V P-P, 10K Ohm Input Impedance

GPS Input: RS-232 4800 Baud NMEA Compliant, 1 Pulse per Second TTL Level

Time Sync Output: RS-485, Maximum Length 5000 Ft.

Time Resolution: 1 mS

Time Base Jitter: 5 uS

Event Buffer: 2000 Events

Maximum Distance from Time Sync Master: 5000 Ft.

Operating Temperature: -20 C to +85 C

Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing 



GPS 100 Data Sheet (PDF)


Ser x53 Users Guide V320 (pdf)


Modsoft Library (zip)


Concept Library (zip)


Unity Pro Library V2 (zip)


Unity Pro Library V3-14 (zip)