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Custom Hardware and Software Design

Our staff of design engineers is experienced in the design of analog, digital and microprocessor circuitry. Many of the products that we have developed are used in hazardous, or explosive environments. All design work is done by Registered Professional Engineers. We are experienced in obtaining UL, FM and FCC certification for our designs. Our development lab contains the most up to date test and measurement equipment.

All printed circuit boards are designed using the latest CAD technology. Final artworks are produced on a laser photo-plotter, accurate to .0005 inches. We have experience designing single, double and multi-layer boards with both through hole and surface mount technology.

Our programming staff is experienced in Compaq and HP minicomputers, IBM and Apple personal computers, and Intel, AMD, Zilog and Motorola microprocessors. Our development lab is equipped with Hewlet Packard, Microtek, and Microchip logic development systems, with emulation support for 8, 16 and 32 bit microprocessors. We are experienced in both high level and assembly language programming. Real time control system software is our specialty.

We believe that documentation can be the most important part of any design. Our technical writers can supply you with Operator Manuals, Software Manuals and Field Service Manuals.


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