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800 Series SER

 The M884/807 card is designed to operate as a standard 32 point input card for the Modicon 984 PLC using 800 series I/O. The inputs can be used as standard 1X registers for PLC programming.  Function blocks are provided for Modsoft, ProWorX and Concept, which will unload the event data from the card. Up to 250  SER cards can be synchronized together to build an event recording system with up to 8000 points. The M884/807 card can receive its time synchronization from the 984 CPU, another SER card or ETR card. The M884/807 card can also act as a time sync master to synchronize other SER cards.

Inputs: 32 contacts

Input Voltage: 24 VDC M884/807-24
                             48 VDC M884/807-48
                           125 VDC M884/807-125

Event Memory: 2000 events

Operating Temperature: -20 C to +85 C

Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing

Synchronization: 984 CPU time of day clock, ETR card or another SER card


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