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Sequence of Events Recorder

The System of Events Recorder (SER) cards are designed to operate independently or with the Modicon Quantum and 984 Series PLCs.  In addition to acting as standard 32 point input cards to the PLC, the cards provide a permanent record of high speed events which occur within milliseconds of each other.  The SER will provide a time and date stamp for the event, the type of event, the state of the input point, and address of the input point.  Multiple SER cards may be synchronized together to provide a distributed event recording system accurate to 1 millisecond.

Each of the SER cards will sample  the input points every millisecond, digitally filter the data to remove contact bounce and noise, and build a buffer containing a time stamp and the point identification of any points that have changed. The design of the SER cards virtually eliminates the nuisance of false alarms. The SER cards will automatically delete noisy points from scan and reinsert them at a later time. 

Common features of all card types include:
  32 Digital Inputs
  24VDC, 48VDC or 125VDC Inputs
  Each module can store up to 2000 events
  Each module can be synchronized externally

  Inputs conform to IEEE/ANSI C37.90.1-1989
    Surge Withstand Capability
  Input isolation of 3500VDC

Each SER point can be individually configured
    for the following parameters:
  Contact filter time (0-65,535 mS)
  Contact debounce time (0-65,535 mS)
  Chatter count (0-255)
  Scan status (On/Off scan)

The SER card generates the following
    event messages for every change in its
    operational state.
  Input Point Change
  Point On Scan
  Point Off Scan
  Chatter On Scan
  Chatter Off Scan
  Power On Reset
  Time Sync Signal Lock
  Time Sync Signal Lost
  SOE Buffer Overflow
  Time Resync Old Time
  Time Sync New Time
  Hourly Time Update

                 Card Types

ProTime The ProTime SER module is a distributed I/O module that communicates in Modbus protocol over an RS-232 or RS-485 connection. The ProTime module also contains a 10 Base-T Ethernet connection that supports Modbus TCP/IP. 

 SER x53 00 The SER x53 00 module is designed to operate as an input card for the Modicon Quantum line of PLCs 

M884/807 The M884/807 module is designed to operate as an input card for the Modicon 984 line of PLCs using 800 Series I/O.


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