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ProTime Configuration Software

The ProTime configuration software allows the user to configure the ProTime
SER module and to retrieve data from the module. (2.9 MB)

The ProTime configuration software above has been compiled with Windows XP Service Pack 2. This has caused some problems loading on older versions of Windows. The following zip file contains a Pre-Service Pack 2 release that will load properly. The latest version of the ProTime executable is included. This file must be manually copied over the installed executable. (2.9 MB)

The The following file is Version 4.00 of the ProTime Software. It supports configuration over a TCP/IP connection. Go to the installation directory, usually C:Program Files (x86)/ProTime and re-name the existing protime.exe file to protime.bak. Copy the new protime.exe in its place.

protime.exe (348 KB)

ProTime Hex File

Version 1.36 of the ProTime hex file. This file is used by the ProTime Configuration software to update the ProTime flash memory to the latest version.  (141 KB)


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