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Power Supplies

The Compact Power Supplies are a line of isolated DC to DC converters designed to power the Modicon Compact 984 PLC.  These supplies are offered in input voltage ranges from 12VDC to 300 VDC. Each power supply is completely isolated to prevent ground power loops and a remote shutdown input is provided to control the output of the supply. The power supply will mount in one of the I/O slots of the Compact 984 PLC.


   Input Voltage:    10 20 VDC
 18 36 VDC
 36 62 VDC
 100 200 VDC
 200 400 VDC 
  Output Voltage:     24 VDC

  Output Current:     

 1.5 A -20 to +60 C
 1.0 A -20 to +70 C
  Output Accuracy  1%

  Load/Line Regulation      


  No Load Power Dissipation   

  Efficiency  80 - 90%

  Storage Temperature 

-40 to +100 C

  Operating Temperature  

 20 to +70 C
  Meets IEEE/ANSI 37.90.1 SWC


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